Friday, 19 June 2015


Hi all! Just wanted to stop by quickly to share another commission I just finished up. I never used Bowser when I played Mario Kart, he was always too slow for me but I thought it was hilarious how he overflowed the kart. He looks quite a bit less scary when he's stuffed inside a tiny car. I love how he turned out in this quilt!

I'm so happy to have green in the background of these photos!


The Back
I also have another hobby that is taking up some serious time and space in my home. Check out these pyrex finds I snagged last weekend.

The Friendship pattern is my absolute favorite! It's so cheery!

Blue Horizon divided dish

I thought these two bowls both belonged to the primary colors set but now I'm thinking the larger one is orange, not red and may belong to the friendship line.

Bright yellow refrigerator dish
Yikes! Like I needed something else to obsess over! Looks like this summer will be filled with yard sales and antique shops. The thrill of the chase and getting a good deal is probably the most fun but it's also nice to walk into an antique shop with a great selection of clean pyrex in good shape.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Sea Glass finished!

Hi folks, I wanted to show off a recent finish. My fellow members of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild already got a sneak peek at this last night at our meeting. This quilt is called Sea Glass and the pattern is by "Talk of the Town" and can be purchased at Craftsy. I made a couple of changes to the pattern but mostly just wanted to increase the size to Queen. So I doubled everything. I probably should have moved the flowers a bit to make it more even but honestly didn't even think of it until it was hanging in the back yard.

I changed the colors and used Kona fabric to go with the cottage where it will live.
The pattern suggested quilting it with ghost petals in between the colored ones.
I loved this as I wanted it to be less stiff than if I quilted the crap out of it.

Pieced the back with the colors from the front. I will add a special little graphic on the back
as requested by the person who commissioned it.
I hope to get a picture in its natural environment this summer. Also, don't know if you noticed but there is actual green grass in that picture (Ignore the yellow grass where my dogs have done their "artwork"). Have a nice long weekend! Don't forget to get some sewing in!

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Last Stop on the Blog Hop!

Hi folks, thanks for stopping by on the last stop of the Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop! I hope you've checked out all of my guild-mates blogs as well.

Eric and I on our honeymoon in Disneyworld.

I live in Dartmouth, NS with my husband and a menagerie of pets. Accountant by day, I like to build my patterns in excel which works out well since they're mostly pixel quilts. I've been quilting for about 5 years or so. Before that, I've tried lots of other crafty-things including knitting and stained glass but I have never stuck with anything as long as this.

Here are a few of my finished projects:

My first finish! I recently added more panels to this as my nephew apparently has grown.

As you can see, my work tends to be mainly pop culture inspired. The Sheldon Quilt and Captain Picard quilt have gotten a ton of attention online and I just sold off the Duck Hunt one. Krusty has a sacred place on the couch with Eric.

Hope you have enjoyed my stop and don't forget to check out the other quilters if you haven't already!

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Meet Maritime Modern Blog Hop

As you may or may not know, I am a proud member (and treasurer) of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. Our lovely VP, Jenn from Quarter Inch from the Edge, has put together a blog hop so you can get to know us all better. Over the next nine days, please follow along and meet some of our great quilters!

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pink Lemonade Finished!

I finally got around to putting the binding on this quilt and getting it out in the sun for some pics. I chose Citrus for the binding which I love. The girl at my LQS thought it might be a bit bright but she obviously doesn't know that bright is my thing.

Please excuse the snow, there's not really any part of my yard that isn't covered with the stuff.

Here's a close-up of the quilting. I had some fun with it using some parts that criss-cross and some that don't.  


Added a little strip of color on the back just for fun.

This quilt is up for sale in my Etsy shop which is linked on the front of my blog. It is a great size for a play mat (38"x41") which is used during something called "tummy time" I'm told.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I Heart Kona!

Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge issued a challenge for Kona enthusiasts to curate their own bundles. I jumped at the chance since I have felt the ones I was receiving to be a little dull. Here's what I came up with:

These first two are actually the same bundle. Amazing how different they look just by changing the lighting a bit. I admit that the lighting is not the greatest but it's winter in Nova Scotia and there's not that much natural light to be had.

L-R Caribbean, Cyan, Aqua, Azure + White for the background

I have actually been using these colors in a current quilt so that's why I chose them. I think it will work quite well. It had better because I'm in the middle of cutting out over 100 flower petals with these colors.

Top-Bottom Azure, Aqua, Cyan, Caribbean + white background
 Then I just had a little fun pulling colors from my stash. I love the combination of the coal with bright colors.

L-R Azure, Sprout, Punch + Coal Background
Tried the Palette Builder from Play Crafts with a picture of Darwin haha

Well, that was fun! What would you pick?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Pink Lemonade

What?!? I'm using pink? That's right, I'm going all crazy up in here. It must be the cold weather or something. I love lemonade and for some reason, the pink lemonade tastes even better. I don't know why. Anyway, when I started to do up my Kona challenge list, I realized that I had a ton of pink that I needed to use up. I'm on a bit of a fabric diet so this was a good chance to play with some stuff I already had.

I knew I wanted to do HSTs but what layout?

Flying Geese?

All Crazy?

I decided to go with the flying geese but put one row facing down to mix things up a bit. Then I added some white in between the rows and as a border (not shown). 

Still working on the quilting which I should be done very soon. I was on an HST kick though so I did some of my charity blocks for our guild. We are using the colors as set forward by the Modern Quilt Guild. I surprised myself by having almost all of the colors - Wasabi, Cerise, Glacier and Bahama Blue (clockwise starting top left). The only one missing was Cedar. I will have to get some of that soon. I know that MadAboutPatchwork has a bundle that I might get.
I'm having fun with these HSTs and might do a bunch more! Wooooo! No pink this time, though.